the Magic Mumble Jumble

After three years of being on the road, playing more and more club shows as well as big festivals, spontaneous gigs on the streets and even wild-camping together, THE MAGIC MUMBLE JUMBLE will tour their second album 'Show Your Love’ with an extraordinary new live show throughout 2019!

Photography by Jonathan van Hemelrijck

Photography by Jonathan van Hemelrijck

The eight piece band share more than these deep experiences: the sound of their unique blend of jazz, pop, indie and folk, as well as the ability to translate their sense of connection to any audience. With his charismatic stage presence and live-to-love attitude, bandleader Paul Istance is on a mission to make the shows a magic experience, in which the gap between audience and band disappears completely. Armed with their eight singing voices, horns, a cello, percussion, electric and acoustic guitars as well as a huge amount of positive energy, THE MAGIC MUMBLE JUMBLE sets out to include all the people they encounter in their journey on the road to freedom.

Since its founding, the band has released several singles of which the song “Home” was featured on a Sony Compilation in 2015. These releases were followed by their live debut album “The Magic Mumble Jumble” in 2016 - an outstanding live recording the band made in the Netherlands together with more than 60 musicians. Due to great sales it has had to be reproduced several times. In the autumn of 2017 they released their successful EP “We All Want Sunshine’’ and gave birth to their second album “Show your Love” in November 2018. The band recorded that album together with producer Tom Gelissen (Ennio Morricone, Woodkid, Armin van Buuren). Featuring the heartfelt and emotional title track ‘Show Your Love’, the highly personal ‘Wish I Knew’ and the anthemic ‘Heyla Sheyla’, the second show takes you through a wide range of musical highlights.

In 2019 the band will tour a powerful new live show that combines first and second album ‘best of-s’ with brand new songs, that no one has ever heard before. The show features a band that has grown tighter and more mature throughout the years and lead singer Paul Istance fully displays his ability to create a moving connection with the audience. Further the rumor goes around that three band members have picked up trombones to reinforce the epic new live show.

In October 2019 the band will play their own club tour in Germany where they have already built several true fan-bases.

Photography by Jonathan van Hemelrijck

Photography by Jonathan van Hemelrijck


Paul Istance - Lead vocals, TRUMPET
MARLON PICHEL - Drums, Vocals
Leah Uijterlinde – CLARINET, Vocals
Roos ten Hoorn - GUITAR, VOCALS
William Mcleish – Cello, PIANO, Vocals
Leroy van der Poel – Sousaphone, EUPHONIUM
BAS VOSSELMAN - Electric guitar



Paul Istance - Biography

Photography by Blasius Erlinger

Paul Istance was born in Munich, Germany, on March 1st 1991 as the son of a German Doctor and Homoeopathist (mother) and a  British Electronic engineer and Hippie (father). The early death of his father turned his life upside down as he already in young age compensated this heavy loss with an excessive live style. Years later music and love crossed his life at the same time. Both gave him the motivation that changed his attitude and longings towards life. By the time he had turned 18 there was no bigger desire than to study Jazz trumpet after playing Dixieland on the streets of Munich with old people that were full of passion and joy towards the music. Paul started teaching himself how to play the Piano from the age of 16 until 2010, when he took piano lessons from a film music composer. This was where he discovered a whole new world of music. By the time he was accepted at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague for jazz trumpet, his perspective and musical longings had developed further. From that point on his compositions were coloured by a new collection and connection of instruments.




PAST SHOWS 2017/18 

18.02. NL Leidschendam Festival Unlimited

06.04. GER Reutlingen FranzK

07.04. GER Pforzheim Kupferdächle

26.04. NL Amsterdam Kings Night

27.04. GER Halle Peissnitzhaus

28.04. GER Leipzig So&So

11.05. NL Amsterdam Rollende Keukens

0.06. GER Weitersroda Paradiesvogelfest

02.06. NL Leiden Museumnacht

03.06. NL Leidschendam A walk in the park

09.06. NL Den Haag Fonds18 Festival

23.06. NL Dalfsen Living Village Festival

14.07. NL Groningen Roodehaan

15.07. NL Zoetermeer Zondag in t park

20.07. GER Gauting Kulturspektakel

21.07. GER Landshut Altstadtfest

27.07. GER München Milla

28.07. GER Pösing Pösinger Open Air

29.07. GER Breitenbach am Herzberg Burg Herzberg Festival

03.08. GER Giessen Giessen

04.08. GER Weinturm Weinturm Open Air

18.08. GER Aachen Kimiko Festival

23.08. GER Iserlohn Iserlohn

24.08. NL Den Haag Jazz in de gracht

01.09. NL Rotterdam Busker Festival

02.09. NL Rotterdam Busker Festival

03.09. NL Rotterdam Busker Festival

27.01.  NL  Rotterdam    Dizzy

02.04.  NL  Leidschendam  Festival Unlimited

27.04. GER Mannheim  Alte Feuerwache

28.04. GER  Reutlingen  Franz K.

29.04. GER  Karlsruhe  Tollhaus

30.04. GER Ulm  Roxy

05.05. NL  Den Haag  Bevrijdingsfestival

25.05. NL Amsterdam  Rollende Keukens

27.05. GER Weitersroda  Paradiesvogelfest

05.06. GER Vlaardingen  Pluimage Festival

10.06. GER  Peißnitzhaus Festival

26.07. GER  Munich  Milla

27.07. GER  Breitenbach am Herzberg  Burgherzberg

28.07. GER Rudolstadt  Schlosscafé

23.07. GER  Nürnberg  Bardentreffen

05.08. GER Gießen  Jam Festival Gießen

06.08. GER  Bamberg  Blues & Jazz Festival

07.08. GER  Bamberg  Blues & Jazz Festival

13.10. NL  Den Haag EP Release @ Paard