the Magic Mumble Jumble

If you hear the word magic you will probably think of magicians, wizards or witches first. But magic can have a lot of meanings. There are magic moments without any Hocus-pocus, like the magic of a child starring at a rainbow, how magically time stops when you
have your first kiss or driving through an alley of autumn trees. People can have a magic gravity, without knowing where it comes from, but it’s there. Magic is simply a mysterious, fascinating power. Paul Istance and his band show a natural kind of magic. Nothing is produced artificially, but with the consciousness of sharing this moment of playing music in this life together.


Photography by Elena de la Prida


Paul Istance - Lead vocals, 12string Accoustic Guitar
MARLON PICHEL - Drums, Vocals
Leah Uijterlinde – Vocals

William Mcleish – Cello, Vocals
Reindert Spanhove - Saxophone
Leroy van der Poel – Sousaphone

Band history


Photography by Elena de la Prida

Photography by Elena de la Prida

A community project that Paul and some friends started in 2013 brought together a constantly growing group of young artists. These new, shared experiences finally resulted in the formation of the Band “The Magic Mumble Jumble”.
Because of the changing instrumentation, every song arose out of a spontaneous impulse and every concert is different.
Paul Istance and his band are now producing their first Album with songs written and orchestrated by Paul. A few songs were written together with his friends Reindert Spanhove, Daniel Denis and Fernan Mejuto Vazquez. The compositions are 'naturally' arranged by The Magic Mumble Jumble.
Paul, who shows himself as a very emotional person with a huge affection for the individual being and society, composes all the songs and lyrics. Paul: ”It is the people around us who make us come alive, realise and define who we are.” He presents himself – also on stage – as a leader with an immense talent for entertaining and creating a charismatic connection to the audience.
The bands’ Instrumentation is as follows: Cello, Piano, Trumpet, Accordion, Vocal + 3 Background singers, Double Bass, Violin, Viola, Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Flute, Tuba. As an international group of musicians from more than eight different countries and cultural backgrounds, the atmosphere between the people as in the music shows a richness that is absolutely significant. In summer 2016 they will be touring over Germany to paint over the grey, not with a magic wand but with their music.


Paul Istance - Biography

Photography by Blasius Erlinger

Paul Istance was born in Munich, Germany, on March 1st 1991 as the son of a German Doctor and Homoeopathist (mother) and a  British Electronic engineer and Hippie (father). The early death of his father turned his life upside down as he already in young age compensated this heavy loss with an excessive live style. Years later music and love crossed his life at the same time. Both gave him the motivation that changed his attitude and longings towards life. By the time he had turned 18 there was no bigger desire than to study Jazz trumpet after playing Dixieland on the streets of Munich with old people that were full of passion and joy towards the music. Paul started teaching himself how to play the Piano from the age of 16 until 2010, when he took piano lessons from a film music composer. This was where he discovered a whole new world of music. By the time he was accepted at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague for jazz trumpet, his perspective and musical longings had developed further. From that point on his compositions were coloured by a new collection and connection of Instruments.