Thanks to Woodhouse Films for these beautiful pictures! What a wonderful time we had together!


Photoshoot with Blasius Erlinger

Thank you Luisa Hartema and especially Blasius. No one has ever captured the 'magic' spirit we feel as good as you!


Photography by Blasius Erlinger


Heimatsound Festival 2015

Photography by Blasius Erlinger


Euro-trip 2014

Painting over the grey in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and monaco


The Band

Photography by Elena de la Prida



Live and tasty

Photography by Elena de la Prida


The Magic Recordings

Photography by Elena de la Prida


27.01.  NL  Rotterdam    Dizzy

02.04.  NL  Leidschendam  Festival Unlimited

27.04. GER Mannheim  Alte Feuerwache

28.04. GER  Reutlingen  Franz K.

29.04. GER  Karlsruhe  Tollhaus

30.04. GER Ulm  Roxy

05.05. NL  Den Haag  Bevrijdingsfestival

25.05. NL Amsterdam  Rollende Keukens

27.05. GER Weitersroda  Paradiesvogelfest

05.06. GER Vlaardingen  Pluimage Festival

10.06. GER  Peißnitzhaus Festival

26.07. GER  Munich  Milla

27.07. GER  Breitenbach am Herzberg  Burgherzberg

28.07. GER Rudolstadt  Schlosscafé

23.07. GER  Nürnberg  Bardentreffen

05.08. GER Gießen  Jam Festival Gießen

06.08. GER  Bamberg  Blues & Jazz Festival

07.08. GER  Bamberg  Blues & Jazz Festival

13.10. NL  Den Haag EP Release @ Paard