I’ve been walking for too long
towards the sun,
that I no longer know
where I belong,
my heart is tired and I
can’t go on no more.

I’ve got my fears, I’ve got my blood,
I’ve got my pride,
All those tastless things I
can’t deny,
I wonder if you’ll ever
open up your door.

You got to show me if you love me,
can it be so hard to show your love.

Taste my dreams, be my words,
come spoil my heart,
take a big bite of what you
don’t dare to ask,
Walk my trust now baby,
but don’t you run too fast.


Here we come walking,
walking skins and bones.
After seeing what there is to see,
we´re wearing scientific crowns.

I just want to sleep all day Mr. Scientist,
and I like my coffee strong.
You can go on explaining everything you like,
everything all day long.

If you try and explain music to me,
why people dance, why people sing,
I´m gonna stick something up my ears,
and then I start to run.

Please Mr. Scientist,
don´t take our magic away.

Seeing children’s faces,
when the magician let´s something disappear,
and do we really want to know?
do you think raindrops are the same as tears?
I don´t want to count the years.

I just want to sleep all day Mr. Scientist,
and I like my coffee strong.
You can go on explaining everything you like,
everything all day long.

If you try and explain love to me,
why people touch, why people kiss,
why people care,
I´m gonna come and hug you all day long,
till you start to stare.

Please Mr. Scientist, dont take our magic away.


You might be one of many, but you´re certainly not the last.
There´s seven billion different stories, and moments in the past.
Could you possibly believe, that there´s no sence in what you do?
If we are all helping here together, and you are me and I am you.

I´m the Pope on his seat.
I´m the man working on the street.
I´m just a child that want´s to dream.
I am the grandma on her two dancing feet.

So here we come walking, walking down the street.
All of us together, on our dancing feet.

And try to walk that road alone, don´t you walk that road alone.
If we could only see what I can do for you and you for me,
we could set each other free.
Come set us free.

If you again feel so incredibly small, and unimportant to this world.
Perhaps it´s time to realise and see yourself as sacrifice.
For we´re all helping here together.
We´re an Army of good weather.
Come, come, come
For we all need you today.
For we all need me today.


Say the world is spining round,
and to a destiny we might be bound.
So where ever you may go,
the way the time will show.

And what ever you think you know,
if it´s right or wrong the time will show.
In life you got to do what you like,
cause when you mean it you´ll feel alright.
Say when you mean it you´re gonna feel alright.

Don´t you also want to feel alright?
Don´t you think we´re here to try?
If happiness was right above,
won´t you try to touch the sky?

And if there´s something that you want,
don´t you hesitate and say you can´t.
You got to picture yourself in a many years from now,
keep the vision and the way the time will show.

And if you think somebody did something good,
won´t you tell him so he doesn´t feel misunderstood?
For we´re all living here together,
and surely we don´t want bad weather.

Don´t you also want to feel alright?
Don´t you think we´re here to try?
We´ve got that one live,
to feel alright.


25.05. NL Den Haag Sniester Festival

31.05. GER Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn

01.06. GER Paradiesvogel

15.06. GER Bayreuth Uni Open Air

16.06. GER Aachen Kimiko Isle Of Summer

28.06. GER Munich Tollwood

29.06. GER Hergensweiler Woodstockenweiler

30.06. NL De Bergen Wanroij Mandala Festival

05.07. NL Schipborg Festivalderaa

10.07. NL Den Haag Zeeheldenfestival

11.07. NL Amsterdam De Parade

14.07. NL Het Ware Liefde Festival

17.07. DE Pfungstadt Phungo Open Air

18.07. DE Weinfest Hameln

26.07. DE Eifel Zugvogel Festival

28.07. DE Breitenbach Burgherzberg Festival

02.08. DE Aschaffenburg KOMMZ Festival

04.08. DE Halle Volksbühne am Kaulenberg

07.08. DE Hannover Maschseefest

01.09. DE Pflasterfest Hameln

07.09. DE Gelsenkirchen Rock am Dom

08.09. BE Antwerpen

14.09. DE Magdeburg Ernte Funk Festival

15.09. DE Hamburg Stadtfest Winterhude

28.09. DE Aachen Südstraßen Festival

18.02. NL Leidschendam Festival Unlimited

06.04. GER Reutlingen FranzK

07.04. GER Pforzheim Kupferdächle

26.04. NL Amsterdam Kings Night

27.04. GER Halle Peissnitzhaus

28.04. GER Leipzig So&So

11.05. NL Amsterdam Rollende Keukens

0.06. GER Weitersroda Paradiesvogelfest

02.06. NL Leiden Museumnacht

03.06. NL Leidschendam A walk in the park

09.06. NL Den Haag Fonds18 Festival

23.06. NL Dalfsen Living Village Festival

14.07. NL Groningen Roodehaan

15.07. NL Zoetermeer Zondag in t park

20.07. GER Gauting Kulturspektakel

21.07. GER Landshut Altstadtfest

27.07. GER München Milla

28.07. GER Pösing Pösinger Open Air

29.07. GER Breitenbach am Herzberg Burg Herzberg Festival

03.08. GER Giessen Giessen

04.08. GER Weinturm Weinturm Open Air

18.08. GER Aachen Kimiko Festival

23.08. GER Iserlohn Iserlohn

24.08. NL Den Haag Jazz in de gracht

01.09. NL Rotterdam Busker Festival

02.09. NL Rotterdam Busker Festival

03.09. NL Rotterdam Busker Festival

27.01.  NL  Rotterdam    Dizzy

02.04.  NL  Leidschendam  Festival Unlimited

27.04. GER Mannheim  Alte Feuerwache

28.04. GER  Reutlingen  Franz K.

29.04. GER  Karlsruhe  Tollhaus

30.04. GER Ulm  Roxy

05.05. NL  Den Haag  Bevrijdingsfestival

25.05. NL Amsterdam  Rollende Keukens

27.05. GER Weitersroda  Paradiesvogelfest

05.06. GER Vlaardingen  Pluimage Festival

10.06. GER  Peißnitzhaus Festival

26.07. GER  Munich  Milla

27.07. GER  Breitenbach am Herzberg  Burgherzberg

28.07. GER Rudolstadt  Schlosscafé

23.07. GER  Nürnberg  Bardentreffen

05.08. GER Gießen  Jam Festival Gießen

06.08. GER  Bamberg  Blues & Jazz Festival

07.08. GER  Bamberg  Blues & Jazz Festival

13.10. NL  Den Haag EP Release @ Paard