New Music Video


Thank you so much everyone for creating this world with us...

A lot of love to our fantastic dancers Paulina Vogel & Johannes Lind!
A nother Video by Lily Erlinger.
Concept by Leslie-Alina Schäfer and Lily Erlinger.
VFX by Michael Lange.


New Single avaliable!

If You're Young

After the Heimatsound concert we spent some incredible time climbing this mountain together down in the beautiful Alps!

"Any person, in any age can identify with the feeling of not knowing where you belong. But yes, this song notably adresses our generation." - Paul Istance
A video by our talented friend, Lily Erlinger.


"We all need you today" live at Paard Van Troje!
Every day there are 7 Billion People walking out of their house to make everything you see around you come true!
YOU ARE not alone!
YOU ARE everyone you`ve ever met in your Life!
YOU ARE far more important than you might believe!
YOU ARE the Love that keeps others alive!
Thank you everyone for making us who we are!

Filmed by Gijs Dierselhuis & Elena de la Prida
Video editing by Elena de la Prida

New single release "Home"

Dear Friends, this is everything we have and we´re here to share it with you!

"Home is where my Heart is, and my Heart is among my Friends"

"A song that took an amazing journey from being a little melody in the back of a VW van to an improvised song that we played all over Europe to what it has become now. And still it will keep on traveling."

PAST SHOWS 2017/18 

18.02. NL Leidschendam Festival Unlimited

06.04. GER Reutlingen FranzK

07.04. GER Pforzheim Kupferdächle

26.04. NL Amsterdam Kings Night

27.04. GER Halle Peissnitzhaus

28.04. GER Leipzig So&So

11.05. NL Amsterdam Rollende Keukens

0.06. GER Weitersroda Paradiesvogelfest

02.06. NL Leiden Museumnacht

03.06. NL Leidschendam A walk in the park

09.06. NL Den Haag Fonds18 Festival

23.06. NL Dalfsen Living Village Festival

14.07. NL Groningen Roodehaan

15.07. NL Zoetermeer Zondag in t park

20.07. GER Gauting Kulturspektakel

21.07. GER Landshut Altstadtfest

27.07. GER München Milla

28.07. GER Pösing Pösinger Open Air

29.07. GER Breitenbach am Herzberg Burg Herzberg Festival

03.08. GER Giessen Giessen

04.08. GER Weinturm Weinturm Open Air

18.08. GER Aachen Kimiko Festival

23.08. GER Iserlohn Iserlohn

24.08. NL Den Haag Jazz in de gracht

01.09. NL Rotterdam Busker Festival

02.09. NL Rotterdam Busker Festival

03.09. NL Rotterdam Busker Festival

27.01.  NL  Rotterdam    Dizzy

02.04.  NL  Leidschendam  Festival Unlimited

27.04. GER Mannheim  Alte Feuerwache

28.04. GER  Reutlingen  Franz K.

29.04. GER  Karlsruhe  Tollhaus

30.04. GER Ulm  Roxy

05.05. NL  Den Haag  Bevrijdingsfestival

25.05. NL Amsterdam  Rollende Keukens

27.05. GER Weitersroda  Paradiesvogelfest

05.06. GER Vlaardingen  Pluimage Festival

10.06. GER  Peißnitzhaus Festival

26.07. GER  Munich  Milla

27.07. GER  Breitenbach am Herzberg  Burgherzberg

28.07. GER Rudolstadt  Schlosscafé

23.07. GER  Nürnberg  Bardentreffen

05.08. GER Gießen  Jam Festival Gießen

06.08. GER  Bamberg  Blues & Jazz Festival

07.08. GER  Bamberg  Blues & Jazz Festival

13.10. NL  Den Haag EP Release @ Paard